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About us

Taekwon-Do Heroes is a Taekwon-Do brand for people with special needs. The brand is developed by Vincent Vrijsen (Taekwon-Do Team Vrijsen) and Randy Brouwer (In Nae Do Kwan).

Our vision is that everyone, regardless to his or her disability, should be able to have the possibility to practice Taekwon-Do.
This brand supports the lessons that the Taekwon-Do (boo) Sabum teaches the Heroes. Because of the wide variety of specific needs among the Heroes, both physically and mentally, there is not one “right” way the students should be conducted. The way of teaching is mostly determined by the needs of the group that is being taught and how the instructor can react to the group. This is why Taekwon-Do Heroes is a brand and not a program.

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